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Introduction of water supply and drainage system

A water supply and drainage system is a system that provides users with the type, volume and quality of water to meet different needs, and at the same time undertakes the collection, transportation and treatment of wastewater from users. to remove pollutants in wastewater for human health and environmental protection.

In the water supply and drainage system, it is divided into two main categories: water supply system and drainage system

1. Water supply system

Water supply system is a work that provides water for domestic use and production for residents, factories, mines, fire fighting water, water covered with roads … It includes water supply, structural water, pipeline. raw water, water treatment plant and water supply pipeline network, it has the function of collecting and transporting water and improving water quality. Water supplies include surface water, groundwater and recycled water. Water intake structures include surface intake structures and groundwater intake structures.


Water pump system
Water pump system


2. Drainage system

Drainage project is a project that removes human domestic wastewater, wastewater differs from production and excess water. It includes collection pipeline (or canal) system, wastewater treatment plant and final treatment facility.

The water collection pipeline includes the collection system and the network of sewage pipes.

Wastewater treatment plants include settling tanks, aeration tanks, biological filters and other works such as pumping stations, laboratories, sludge dewatering rooms, repair plants … General goal of water treatment Waste is the removal of solids in the water. Sometimes it requires disinfection and further treatment.

Final treatment facilities will check the last treated wastewater and discharge it out.


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